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Giving a helping hand
to the less fortunate

With our long experience in Community-Based Tourism (CBT), our belief is that Cooperate Social Responsibility (CSR) means that the tourism industry must share the benefits of its activities fairly with all the local communities that it touches.

At the same time, encouraging sustainable tourism and environmentally friendly trips has always been at the heart of our business philosophy.

Our Philosophy

This philosophy is not just about providing benefit to local communities, though. The other side of the coin is that we are obligated to our clients to give them benefit too; in the form of rewarding, enriching and enjoyable holiday experiences.

With carefully selected environmentally friendly accommodations, often travelling on local public transport and enjoying genuine Thai cuisine, this sharing of your holiday adventures with the ordinary people will enhance your awareness of how to interact with local people and respect their customs.

 This awareness includes:
  • Different standards of dress
  • Different social etiquette
  • Sensitive interaction with people of different cultures
  • Donating and gift giving with sensitivity
  • Environmental responsibility and waste minimisation
  • Supporting oppressed communities
  • Understanding local ways of life
  • Respecting cultural differences e.g. take photographs with care

To achieve our own goals and to help develop sustainable tourism in general and CBT in particular, we work closely with local communities, CBT facilitators and guides, local business partners, government agencies and academic institutions that study and teach responsible tourism; people who understand that CBT can be used as a tool for community development and who share the aim to achieve sustainable tourism and provide an alternative way of travelling for all of our customers.

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