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+66 (0) 35 244 558 admin@ayutthaya-boat.com




The leader of the team and its inspiration, Nithi Subhongsang (known to all as ‘Nutty’) was born and raised in Bangkok, Nutty has worked in the travel industry for over 20 years and has a deep passion for sustainable tourism and responsible travel. To him, they are not just words; they encompass his philosophy and lifestyle. When you meet Nutty, you will know immediately that he lives by his beliefs and works towards providing travellers with genuine insights into his country, so they may experience first-hand its culture, the people and the environment. Nutty is often heard saying “Sabai Sabai” which in Thai means ‘chill out’, or ‘relax’. He sees no contradiction between all his hard work and the idea of “sabai, sabai”.

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